Centralized Recon Anyone Can Have It; Find Out How Reconditioning Is Yours a Co

May 27, 2021 by No Comments

Learn from an expert lineup
Steve Gerhartz – Passport Auto Group
Jared Ricart – Ricart Automotive
Anthony Martinez – Greenway Dodge
Gary Radeke – McDonald Automotive
Ryan Breslin – Schomp Automotive
Jasen Rice – Lot Pop
With hosts Anthony Greenalagh of Rapid Recon and Brian Ankney of AutoSuccess
New attention is being given to how the reconditioning department can be evolved into a profit center for the dealership. We see dealers all over the country getting some remarkable and uncommon returns out of this traditional and somewhat haphazard assembly line. The reconditioning function within your dealership is a cost center or revenue generator, depending on how it’s mananged.

Key Takeaways
Unlock the benefits of centralizing reconditioning
Juggling multistore operations
Stand-alone reconditioning centers – is it for you?
Achieving that 3-5 day cycle time with consistency
Reconditioning European vehicles like they were made in Japan