How to Manage Leads in Odoo

May 8, 2021 by No Comments

Learn how to create leads using open source ERP, Odoo.

‘Leads’ is a person, company or an organization who has shown interest and has

provided their contact information to you.

The lead form consists of all basic details of the lead like purpose or interest of lead, his

contact details, priority, salesperson, tags etc…

An extended lead form may also have details of the meetings with lead, where you can

specify the date and time of the meeting, details of the meeting, contact person of that

lead and the person who is responsible to hold the meeting.

Odoo provides the facility to send emails to your leads using the mass mail facility.

We have used CRM module of Odoo to demonstrate the video.

Odoo CRM is one of such system which enables users to create beautiful leads easily.

It is suitable for all kinds of small, medium and large businesses like trading, e-

commerce, services, development and consulting.

This video demonstrates how you can,

· Define the Lead’s Requirement

· Specify Contact Details

· Set Priority of Lead

· Set Note for Lead

· Change the State of Lead

To know all the features provided by CRM Module visit:

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growth and increased productivity.

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