Job Seeker Q&A and Live LinkedIn Profile Reviews! 09/10/2020

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Hello Job Seekers! I know so many of you have questions about your job search and I want to give you the opportunity to ask as many as we can get through!

Please feel free to submit your questions in advance or feel free to ask them live on the day of the event in the chat box. I will take as many as I can in this hour and we will schedule additional live feed events in the future.

We can also do LIVE LinkedIn profile reviews. To sign up for this make sure and watch this video:

Here are the Links to our video’s we referenced in this live event.

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– How To Turn On Your “Open To New Opportunities” Setting On Linkedin –
– Review Of The New #OpenToWork Settings On LinkedIn –
– Getting a Job Using LinkedIn – Quick Tip! What Should I Put In My LinkedIn Headline? –
– Why Am I Not Coming Up In Searches on Linkedin Since I Lost My Job? –
– How Do I Show My Consulting Or Freelance Work On My Resume And LinkedIn Profile –
– How To Show A Gap From COVID-19 On Your Resume –

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