Managed Services: Becoming a Vendor

July 22, 2021 by No Comments

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As a reseller, you rely on your vendors not only for products, but for technical, marketing and sales support. If your business is moving to an MSP model, that support goes away, which presents a host of fundamental implications for your business. If you are making this transition, or contemplating the prospects, view this webcast replay to get practical insights for making this move successfully. You’ll discover:

the fundamental distinctions between VAR and MSP business models, and what they mean for your business, the marketing efforts of successful vendors—and why as an MSP you have to emulate these activities, the six steps involved in making the transition to MSP, and key insights for managing each step successfully, key requirements for building a task force that will boost the chances of success for your MSP business, and insights for building successful service offerings. Learn more at