Managed Services: Successfully Selling Managed Services

May 20, 2021 by No Comments

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As organizations make the move from VAR to MSP, quickly signing new managed services deals is vital. If sales stall, the field will want to revert to business as usual. The longer it takes to sign managed services deals, the more likely it is that the entire transition will stall. What are some of the key steps an emerging MSP can take to establish sales traction? View this webcast replay and get the insights you need to boost your sales team’s odds of success in selling managed services. Entitled “Successfully Selling Managed Services”, this webcast replay will detail a seven-step, strategic selling process that includes identifying a business pain, presenting needs-based recommendations and closing with comprehensive, value-based proposals. View this webcast replay and discover the key differences between compensation plans for selling services versus products—and the five do’s and don’ts for developing compensation plans that effectively incent service sales, the one key hire that can have a multiplier effect on your entire sales team, how to find the best people to build a new MSP sales team with—and the four key steps to setting a new sales team up for success, and the factor that most often derails the move to an MSP model—and how to avoid it. Learn more at