Selling Managed Security Services: How Your MSP Can Profit With Managed IT Security

August 16, 2021 by No Comments

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The business community is littered with thousands of managed service providers regurgitating the same message: “We provide all your IT services for one flat fee so you don’t have to worry about them.”

Great. That’s something you SHOULD be doing, but it’s definitely not the message to lead with. Why not? Because EVERYONE says it. Like a little community of clones, managed service providers tear through the marketplace moaning the same message over and over again, hoping to stand out. They sound like zombies hungry for human brains, except they’re moaning, “Managed Services!” over and over.

So what’s the final result for them? Many simply don’t make it or roam the countryside aimlessly without any direction.

How do you stand out from this crowded community of clones and thrust your business forward going into 2015?
One word – SECURITY.

The news is full of stories of organization each day reporting security breaches. Just go online to your favorite news site (or if you’re super old-school, open a newspaper), and you will see: Staples, Kmart, Target and many other larger firms hit by security breaches, and those are just the large firms. According to Symantec:

• 91% increase in targeted attacks campaigns in 2013
• 62% increase in the number of breaches in 2013
• Over 552M identities were exposed via breaches in 2013
• 23 zero-day vulnerabilities discovered
• 38% of mobile users have experienced mobile cybercrime in past 12 months
• Spam volume dropped to 66% of all email traffic
• 1 in 392 emails contain a phishing attacks
• Web-based attacks are up 23%
• 1 in 8 legitimate websites have a critical vulnerability

A lot of smaller businesses are starting to wake up to the fact that they’re vulnerable too. They’re getting scared by the news, but they don’t know how to react.

This is where you, the MSP, can step in.

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