Webinar- Managing financial health of a growing business

May 28, 2021 by No Comments

It is increasingly imperative for a CFO to be able to provide financial insights and analysis and to be able to meet the continually changing business environment. CFO’s must attend closely to cash flows, controls and address business risks while continuing to seek profitable growth. This is especially true of high growth businesses where the pressure and expectation on the CFO to deliver is higher. Deepak Narayanan, Co – Founder and Director of MyCFO (www.mycfo.in) will highlight the issues faced by most CEO’s of high growth companies and the role that a good quality CFO can play as a business partner especially in times like these where building and managing the financial health of an organisation has gained utmost significance.

Key discussion topics:

‘Cash is King’ – Why managing cash flows is essential to a fast growing company

Building Reporting capabilities for better financial management
Role of a CFO in a high growth organization

Drivers/Metrics that one need to measure in a fast changing environment