What Are Managed Services? | Magnet Solutions Group

June 28, 2021 by No Comments

Managed Services are a fairly recent development in delivering outsourced IT support that has gained widespread adoption. Managed services — or managed IT services—refers to ongoing outsourced IT support purchased at a regular, fixed price. Managed services packages can include a variety of services, including remote network monitoring, call-in help-desk support, on-site technician support when issues can’t be handled remotely, IT consulting, and back-up and disaster recovery.
The alternative to managed services is generally referred to as the ‘break fix’ model of IT services. Something breaks, and you then call up a technician to come fix it.
So why has break/fix largely been replaced by managed services?
For several reasons. Managed services allows businesses to plan for a regular, fixed IT cost. It generally reduces overall IT costs, by preventing problems before they occur and reducing the expense of on-site technical repair work and possible equipment replacement. It provides ongoing network security and provides piece of mind. And it allows businesses to have the expertise of experienced IT consultants, without having to hire them on-staff.