What it Means to be a Next Generation Managed Service Provider

June 10, 2021 by No Comments

The emergence of cloud-based infrastructure has dramatically reshaped
the IT landscape for managed service providers and their customers. Infrastructure is now dynamic, elastic, and instantly available to any individual or organization.

Customers are becoming increasingly aware of the value of cloud services, and with this heightened awareness comes the desire to partner with providers who can guide them toward innovative business solutions and high-performance environments. But in this new landscape, gaining insight into the status and performance of dynamic infrastructure and applications is more challenging than ever.

Join us as we host Thomas Robinson, Solutions Architect at Amazon Web Services, and Patrick Hannah, VP of Engineering at CloudHesive, to discuss what it means to be a next-generation managed service provider and how Datadog provides visibility into modern cloud infrastructure and helps you adopt new approaches to remain competitive in this ever-changing environment.