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Hospitality Training Video | Customer Service Training Video | What it takes to succeed in the Service Industry | The skills required to succeed in the Service Industry | How to succeed in life motivation | Simerjeet Singh English Videos| Coach On Campus

Service industry is an industry that requires a lot of passion, dedication and mindset that thrives in service. It’s not an industry for those who wish to have quick success. This industry rewards big, but at its own time and demands perseverance, patience and presence of mind. This video focuses on the key success factors for the service industry.

Here’s world renowned motivational speaker Simerjeet Singh addressing young Hotel Management students on how they can win big in the service industry. With simple first-hand tips and profoundly wise guidance gained from personal experience in the hotel industry, Simerjeet Singh helps his audience build pride in their profession and cultivate the right mindset with undeterred focus on proactive service – these being the critical success factors in service industry. This video on service sector in English will help you to understand things a service business must get right.

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Watch the video to know what tips were shared and how you can use them to build a solid career in service industry. This video is for students and professionals in industries of hotel management, aviation, event management and travel and tourism to assist in their career planning and development. These tips are useful even for aspirants working in e-commerce portals and online service aggregates providing service to end customer across various touch points.

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